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Всем привет! А вы знаете, что однажды Боуи написал интервью с самим собой? Дэвид 53-летний разговаривает с Дэвидом 23-летним... Сегодня нашла этот текст, но он на английском. Желающим переводить могу выслать или запостить в комменты.

2006-03-14 в 15:20 

Пусть мой враг будет силен и страшен. Если я поборю его, я не буду чувствовать стыда.
Запости, плз! Или ссылку кинь. А там уж как-нибудь общими усилиями...

2006-03-14 в 15:21 

Without him, he's nothing
David Bowie looks back at the lad he once was -- and gives him a proper grilling

National Post

David Bowie Sr. (53 years old) You look tired, what have you been up to?

David Bowie Jr. (23 years old) Thanks, you don't look so rested yourself. I've been recording a song called Space Oddity. It's a sort of a sequel to 2001, a fantastic movie I just saw with my girlfriend Hermione, and the other half of my duo, a guy from Yorkshire called Hutch. This Kubrick guy is fantastic. So modern, really objective and with this amazing cold eye. Fantastic.

DB Sr. You've got to learn some more adjectives. I'm sorry to tell you that [Stanley] Kubrick just passed on, quite unexpectedly. Hey, go and see Clockwork Orange when it comes out. It'll change your life.

DB Jr. Yeah, well, I doubt it. Andrew Loog Oldham, the Stones manager, has already lifted bits of the book for a Stones album liner-notes. I think they were supposed to do the film.

DB Sr. Ah, but you haven't seen the false eyelashes yet. DB Sr. Never mind. Have you met [Mick] Jagger yet? I can't remember.

DB Jr. No. I was in the same room as him once. I met Brian Jones though. We got drunk with ramblin' Jack Elliot one night. Jonesy uses really big words and I don't think he quite knows what they mean.

DB Sr. It's endemic to rock music.

DB Jr. What? Anyway, why would I want to meet Jagger?

DB Sr. Oh, I'm sure you'd have a lot in common. You know, the books say that Hermione has already left you.

DB Jr. Do what? That's rubbish. She's working on a movie.

DB Sr. I know, and then she's gonna come back for a while and then go off again to another movie called Song of Norway. That's where the problems will begin. She'll come home around the end of spring and tell you she's fallen in love with a dancer she met on the film-shoot in Norway.

DB Jr. Oh God, you're breaking my heart. How can you be so sure?

DB Sr. I've kept nearly all of the letters we got throughout the '60s. You'll write at least two songs about her though, An Occasional Dream and Letter to Hermione. Mind you, you've not exactly been stopping at home yourself, have you? You've been putting it about all over the place. Bit of a leg-over man, aren't you?

DB Jr. You publish all this and I'll sue. ... Are we happy now?

DB Sr. We're happier than we've ever been. More than we deserve really.

DB Jr. What do you mean by that?

2006-03-14 в 15:23 

DB Sr. It took you a long, long time to learn how to share your life with another person. We've just about got life in focus now.

DB Jr. Did we get married?

DB Sr. Ha-ha. Yes. Twice. First time because we thought nothing of it and the second time because we thought everything of it. What kind of music are you listening to?

DB Jr. Oh, Incredible String Band, Velvet Underground, The Village Fugs and the Godz, Buzzy Linehart, Biff Rose, shall I go on?

DB Sr. Yes, please, it's interesting. I've forgotten some of those guys.

DB Jr. Leo Kotke is pretty amazing. He plays 12-string, beyond anything that I could even contemplate, but a real turn-on. And it sounds like Buzzy plays one as well. I can't tell you for sure as I haven't got a sleeve for that one.

DB Sr. I see that there're few Brits in your list, no one you like?

DB Jr. Well, I've got over 200 records so I'm just throwing out the names of people I'm listening to at the moment. I've left out all the R & B stuff, for instance, but I still play them all the time. I'm more into mixed-media type stuff. I probably won't end up in rock, more kind of theatre with music kind of thing. Rock probably doesn't have that much longer. Anyway, when I've had my tincture, I kind of like Stockhausen and Harry Parch. It's way out stuff but really quite groovy.

DB Sr. Ha-ha. Sorry. I'd forgotten about the tincture. It's tincture of cannabis isn't it? You take a dessert sthingy
ful and fly for a day or so. You get it from a naughty doctor in Notting Hill Gate, don't you? I would stop doing the stuff if I were you.

DB Jr. Oh, it's cool. I wouldn't dream of doing anything harder than tincture. I used to pop pills when I was a mod, but I've stopped all that now. You won't see me trying heroin or getting strung out on cocaine or anything like that. I think too much of myself.

DB Sr. Well, we will leave that one for now. It makes me too sad. Philip Glass will be coming to Britain next year, go and see him, you might like him. There'll be a young student in the audience that you won't meet for a bit but things will happen when you do, name of Brian Eno. By the way, you've got over 4,000 vinyls now.

DB Jr. Blimey! Glass did you say? Okay. I'll watch out for him.

DB Sr. You're going to America in the next while. What would you expect to find?

DB Jr. Well, of course, it's my fantasy home isn't it? All my life I've dreamt of going there. I used to lie under the covers when I was about nine or 10 and listen to everything on the American Forces Network, AFN. They would play the top 10 records and do little plays based in "Springtown," U.S.A., and I would put myself into the play in my head and be living there, and drink sodas and drive a Cadillac and play sax in Little Richard's band and all that. I expect it's a lot different from my imagination though. I'm a little bit wary of all the violence at the moment though. There's been this huge thing about gun control ever since the Black Panthers started carrying them in public. It's really ironic because, apparently, you can carry guns in the street in

2006-03-14 в 15:24 

California as long as they are on display. And no one thought twice about that law, but as soon as a black guy took advantage of it they scream about changing the law. Typical, isn't it? Also, there's been this Manson murder thing and it's freaked out all the Hollywood straights. So it's all the violence and stuff that's a bit scary really, but I'm still going to see the Velvet Underground if I can. I've got to talk to Lou Reed, he's the singer, because I really dig the way he writes about street life, no one else is doing that in rock, y' know? And I think I can do a similar kind of thing, but, like, make it more English. I suppose they've got rid of all the guns now, yeah?

DB Sr. It's too depressing, don't let's go there. Now, something very funny is going to happen to you. You won't think it funny, just humiliating, but you'll look back on it as really good. You'll be told about a gig by the Velvets at the Electric Circus when you first get to N.Y. and you'll go. They'll do all the songs that you know plus some new ones from their album Loaded. As there are only about 100 people in the club, you'll be right at the front, by the stage, singing along with them, trying to show Lou that you know all the lyrics. After the show, you'll knock on the dressing-room door (they're not "famous" enough to have security), and John Cale will answer. You ask if you can speak with Lou Reed and Cale smiles and says, "Sure." Lou slips out of the dressing room and you both sit on a bench that's placed on a side wall in the club. You chat to him about how you think you're probably the only person in London to be a major fan and how you had a copy of their first album before it was even released in America. You also ask about the meaning of some of the lyrics and how the distorted sound on their records was made. Lou, for you believe it to be him, replies thoughtfully and with charm. You chat for a good 15 minutes until Lou says he has to go. You float off into the night, a fan whose dream came true. The next day, one of your new-found N.Y. friends tells you that Lou has not been with the band for quite a while and that the new singer, Doug Yule, kinda looks like Reed. You will be gutted.

DB Jr. That's awful. I'm definitely not going then.

DB Sr. Oh, but you will. Our conversation isn't really taking place, you see. I'm merely typing it.

DB Jr. I can feel you putting the word "hours ... " in my head. What's that?

DB Sr. It's our new album, or CD as it is these days. It's vaguely a "Songs for A Generation" I suppose. Some of it is drawn from you, but most of it is a sketch of how guys of my age feel about looking back and where they are now.

DB Jr. I know where I am. I'm trying to make up my mind whether I want to be a rock star or write musicals. I'm being pulled in all kinds of directions. My manager, Ken, wants me to do the all-round entertainer route, and when he can't get me rock gigs, he keeps trying to push me into cabaret because he says that I could make some good bread doing that. I don't know. Maybe he's right. He certainly doesn't seem to understand what I do want, though.

DB Sr. Which is what?

DB Jr. I don't know. Everything. Do you think of me fondly ... or ... I dunno ... at all?

DB Sr. Not that much, I'm afraid. But when I do, I get scared for you. You'll put yourself through so much unnecessary stuff. But you'll survive. You'll leave Ken this year, well, you virtually stopped working with him last year. But don't forget that although you both had completely different ideas about what you should be doing, he stuck by you. He lent you money whenever you needed it and showed a great deal of enthusiasm for all your crazy ideas. Look, a word of advice. Don't get so obsessed with your work that you neglect to have a personal life of quality. You're an addictive personality and the work is going to take over.

DB Jr. Why don't you tell me all the things that are going to happen to me and I can write an album around them?

DB Sr. Hey, that's my idea. You've got your own albums to write. Mark my words.

2006-03-14 в 15:27 

It doesnt take more than an intention to turn a dream into reality
Спасибо! очень прикольная вещь. Боуи вообще отличается интересным взглядом на мир и чувством юмора :)

2006-03-14 в 15:37 

Пусть мой враг будет силен и страшен. Если я поборю его, я не буду чувствовать стыда.
Draconessa Ага, спасибо.

2006-03-14 в 22:10 

Ура-Ура! пришел с работы муж и перевел мне все это безобразие! Эк дядьку Дэвида перло-то! :))))


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